That’s Why You Should Advertise With Us.

Let’s give your Brand/Business the Awareness and Visibility that it deserves by telling our over 10,000 listeners about it on radio.

Our Current Stats includes:

  • We have over 10,000 Listeners across Nigeria and even more beyond; this is due to the fact that we are an online-based radio station and can be easily accessed by anyone from anywhere without any barrier. Advertising your business on a digital radio will not only boost your brand awareness, but will also increase your conversion rates.
  • We have a well optimized and functional mobile application that makes it even more easier for our listeners to have unrestricted access to our radio contents; which in turn means that they can hear about your brand/business when it is being played or talked about in our programs.
  • We record over 2,000 air-plays on each episode of our programs on a weekly basis; this means that we have an average of 1,500 repeat listeners and 500 new ones every month.
  • We have a record of over 5,000 visits to our website/blog in per month and the numbers keep increasing at a tremendous rate. So when we blog about your brand/business, be rest assured that it is being seen by thousands of people, which increases your chances of high patronage.
  • We have over 12,000 followers on Social Media, our insights record at least 50,000 impressions/engagements/reach on a monthly basis, and the numbers are increasing daily.

Are you ready to give your brand/business the love and chance that it needs to thrive? Contact us now to get our Advert Rates and let’s work together to grow your business.

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