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Nigerian based Movie/Television Studio: Neptune3 Studios

None of its kind has been discovered in Nigeria so far. This is a media company that is bent on creating exciting and unforgettable stories through film and television. It has its headquarters in uyo and it was founded by three sisters popularly known as the Triple J Plus; Jemima Damina, Jesimiel Damina and JeielContinue reading “Nigerian based Movie/Television Studio: Neptune3 Studios”


Union declares Nigerians among the top 10 illegal immigrants in Europe. The European Union says it can impose restrictive visa implementation rules on Nigeria, if it fails to play it’s part in the return and readmission of its nationals staying illegally in the EU. The EU which comprises Germany, Italy, Spain, France and 23 otherContinue reading “Illegal Migration: WE MAY IMPOSE TOUGH VISA RULES ON NIGERIA, EU WARNS”

IEEE Lays out CyberSecurity Threats and Protection.

The IEEE impact creator, Shawn Chandler, explains that Data in Transit or at rest is at risk of manipulation and theft, it is also subject to eavesdropping, and potentially an attack that could delay, prevent communication or otherwise disrupt transportation effectiveness. On the other hand to that, The IEEE Spectrum has developed a New securityContinue reading “IEEE Lays out CyberSecurity Threats and Protection.”

Shocking! Anthony Joshua Registers & Gets His National ID Card Same Day.

Our very own super cute, every woman’s crush, British boxer received his national ID card expressly at the early hours of today. The professional boxer was recently at the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office in Abuja, the nation’s capital, for the registration. The picture of heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, applying for his National IdentificationContinue reading “Shocking! Anthony Joshua Registers & Gets His National ID Card Same Day.”

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