This Lady's Post On Facebook Has Got People Wondering

A Facebook user by name Iatoy Linda, dropped a post on her Facebook wall that got people wondering seriously. In her post, she wrote; “i have become a celebrate in 2019 in 2020 i recieved many invitations because of my population, i always tell myself i can’t never be a looser neither am not a woman,ifContinue reading “This Lady's Post On Facebook Has Got People Wondering”

#TracaTech | 15 Fantastic Functions You Never Knew About Your Phone!

Everyone has a smartphone but it’s only a few that knows the full potentials in the cell phone by combination of certain codes. While some work in all phones, others work only on certain models of phone.

#TracaRadioNews | 'Kobe Bryant Deserved Death For Kissing His Daughter', Twitter User Says

While the world has been mourning the death of basket ball star, Kobe Bryant and his daughter, some Twitter users had something different to say; insinuating that he deserved what he got because he was always kissing his daughter full on the lips.