About Us.

We are Traca Radio; the First of Our name, Nigeria’s Number One Online Talk Radio Station, We Keep You on Track with Talk that Matters.

Traca Radio is Nigeria’s number one online-based talk radio station, tasked with the responsibility of bringing you the best of entertaining, educative, informative and inspirational audio contents.

Mission & Vision:
Our objective is not just to broadcast great radio contents, but to creatively provide original contents that are relatable to real life issues and to cause a positive change in the perceptions and actions of theNigeria millenial society.

Our contents, which are mostly designed for the millenial minds, caters to a variety of demographics covering Nigeria, sub sections of the Africa-wide continent as well as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. World wide. We treat issues bordering on vast topics like politics, sports, music, movies, fashion, health, technology, basic education and lifestyle. These programmes have been individually styled to meet with the expectation and demands of our consumers who vary in culture and beliefs.

Traca Radio however is not only meant for Nigerians or those in the diaspora. It is for any and every one with the desire to learn something new everyday. That’s why we keep working tirelessly to ensure our communication remains in sync with our audience, that is, in regards to the information we try to pass across. We stream accross all major radiuo/podcast listening platforms worldwide eg, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, CastBox, Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, Deezer, Spreaker, RadioPublic, etc.

In just a few months of being fully operational, we have gotten over 2,000 listeners from within Nigeria and over 1,000 from other user networks across the world. We are also title holder for the award as Best Outstanding Online Radio (2019) conferred by THE RADIO PERSONALITY AWARDS (TRAPAwards).

Airing Schedule:
Traca Radio, which currently is being run like a podcast, transmits on a daily basis and all episodes that have been aired are still available for replay for another 48 to 72 hours before being deleted.

Our mobile app on the Google Playstore and Appstore makes it easy for anyone and everyone to have unrestricted access to all our programs 24/7

What People Are Saying

My favorite radio shows can only be found on Traca Radio. That’s it.

Ekene Okelue

Keep Listening to Traca Radio. There is a certain magic to it.

Ovie Frank

Want it simple, but interesting and educative? meet Traca Radio.

Dr. Precious Amina

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