Traca News: Nigeria Records First COVID-19 Death; Former PPMC MD Achimugu

The former MD of PPMC Suleiman Achimugu died overnight from coronavirus, Traca News has learnt.

The case was a 67 year old male who returned home following medical treatment in UK.

He had underlying medical conditions- multiple myeloma & diabetes & was undergoing chemotherapy.

He is the first casualty of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Achimugu is said to have arrived in Nigeria from the UK two weeks ago. He reportedly started showing symptoms of the disease on Tuesday.

His family are said to have reported to the NCDC soon after, with the health authorities coming to the house to take a blood sample.


They never got back to the family, Traca News has learnt.

As of Sunday afternoon, the former PPMC MD was coughing profusely, and the NCDC was called to inquire about his results.

The result was positive.


He was picked up and rushed to the hospital at Gwagwalada, FCT.

Achimugu died at 2 am Monday morning.

His family are currently under quarantine in their house.

The NCDC will handle the burial, Traca News has learnt.

Source: Daily Sun

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