From my Solar plexus: A New Gift To The Digital world: TRACA RADIO. By Kelvin Childs Okoroji.

We live in a fast spaced,tight tech world with short attention span, one minute you’re on the trend and the next, a new idea or establishment is executing a hostile take over. So how do you make a lasting impression when no one is paying attention? How do you stand the test of time?
You stand for something or in some cases you nail something same way Mo’ Abudu nailed with Ebony Life, thus becoming the highest grossing movie maker in Nollywood or Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook or Tony Elumelu through his numerous Foundations,the list goes on and on.

Traca Radio app

It is with this delight, we bring you something Digital, Something that not only Educates, but Entertains,Inspires and builds positive thinking, An Electronic Digital Media of the New age with a Difference: TRACA RADIO.

Traca Radio is an Online Talk Radio Station based in Lagos, Nigeria but streams globally.

It is a part of the growing Traca Media Company; a media/advertising production outfit which in itself is a subsidiary of Vicky Lonia Networks; a startup conglomerate that provides services in Education, Business Development, Food/Beverage, Media Production, Lifestyle & Entertainment.

Founded by Victoria Ihebuzo (aka Vicky Lonia), a young woman whose passion for broadcast media is evident in her expertise and experience; Traca Radio was established in 2017 but was then known as ‘Vicky Lonia Radio’. It started out as an Audio Live platform on Facebook on which Victoria (who was the only Presenter at that time) was dissecting topics in current social issues & entertainment news. Ultimately, her expertise, experience and passion for Broadcast Media drove her into taking it up as a life project. After a few challenges and a 2-year break, in September 2019 the platform came back and was rebranded as Traca Radio and so far has taken a spot for herself in the Nigeria Digital Radio Space as the only active online radio station that does more talk, less/no music.

Traca Radio currently brags of over 5,000 listeners in Nigeria, and even more outside the country. With over 20 Presenters & Programs, the radio is aimed at causing a positive change in the perceptions and actions of the growing millennial society in Nigeria and beyond through relatable talk shows.

In January 2020, Traca Radio launched her very own Android Mobile App to enable her listeners have more easy access to her programs (rather than going through the website), with a promise to launch on the iOS version for Apple users soon; who for now can continue listening through other apps like RadioPublic, TuneIn, Spreaker Radio, iHeartRadio and more.

Her programs are very much captivating and mind blowing,as it takes you through the eyes and thoughts of both the host and the listener, talk shows like ‘she’s gat balls, matters to banter and table of men’ , explores the the social life and the idea of Gender stereotypes, Feminism and Chauvinism thus making sure that Gender representation is at a balance.
It also promotes pop culture, which is of course the most talked about trend in this generation and appreciate good contents, while setting one or two criticism in place, all for self development purpose ( Cinema trends, dumb lyrics). Business shows to birth the Entrepreneur mindset you never thought you had, Discourse parliament, Arts and Literature,Family Values and of course News updates of all kinds to give you a recap of all news events that may have taken place in while you were not looking.

Indeed, there is no better time to be a Radio addict than now, no better time to be the start of something new, to have an opinion on global issues. And the short span attention? Well that has nothing on us , we are not transient. You could listen to your favourite show over and over again. Isn’t that great?
Traca Radio, is officially set to resume her operations on 3rd of February and you can always be part of us, anywhere in the world. How exactly? Download the Radio app and tune in to your favourite program then relax while we keep you on track with talks that matter.

Published by kelvin Childs Okoroji

Kelvin childs Okoroji is an award winning enthusiastic Journalist,Editor and Radio Host. He is currently the Human Resource Manager and Content Editor of Traca Radio, a fast rising online radio that promotes excellence. He is also a principal partner at Dear Oma Foundation, a platform that fosters empowerment of the Girl-Child and heals Relationships. He also a Content Developer at BET Networks (TheovalonBet)A Volunteer and social change activist who believes in fairness and objectivity. When he's bored he watches TV series or googles his favourite Celebrities.

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